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"MovieDuck" is a mobile app that selects a good movie or TV series in a few swipes with technology "SmartMovie" 🤩
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Unique technology "SmartMovie"

The app itself understands what you like more, and recommends only those movies that are right for you. Your likes and dislikes help to do recommendations even better!

Select movies with filters

Do you like only modern comedies or action movies? No problem - you can filter recommendations by country, genre, and year. MovieDuck will only offer you what is specified in the settings

Save movies to bookmarks

Do you want to choose a movie not only for the evening, but also for the week ahead? Add recommendations to your bookmarks. So you can save a collection of good movies and TV series, which you can watch later

Watch the trailers right in the app

You can watch the trailers directly in the app to get a better idea of the movies, without going to YouTubeâ„¢ or another platform

Watch movies in any online movie theater

The app will tell you in which online movie theater you can watch your favorite movie or TV series. One button - all available platforms, including YouTubeâ„¢. Choose any one!

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